dj Steve Sidewalk & dj Alain Jackinsky
Thursday, Apr 20 - Friday, Apr 21 | 10:00 - 2:00 AM

Cobalt - 1639 R Street, NW - Tickets: $20

We welcome you to CHERRY with an ode to street opulence. You are all kings and queens of the city. These streets are YOURS. Thursday night at Cobalt is about luxury—fast cars, fast cash, and even faster gratification! DJ Steve Sidewalk (NYC) lays down the "lavish" in the lounge area. Upstairs, DJ Alain Jackinsky (Montreal) will take you HIGHER with his sensational house rhythms known and enjoyed all around the globe! Come for the beats, but do stay for the boys…

Event Sponsors

Cherry is an annual charity dance music event, which has raised more than $1 MILLION for Washington, DC HIV/AIDS services and prevention. Your continued support of Cherry contributes to the efforts of passionate health and social advocates at the forefront of the GLBT community. Copyright 2015, The Cherry Fund. Non-profit tax ID 52-2139599.