Depeche Moody - ***Sanctioned Event***

dj Joe Gauthreaux
Saturday, Apr 22 | 2:00 - 7:00 PM

Town - 2009 8th Street, NW - Tickets: $25

Get in the MOOD! Join us for a special afternoon tea dance honoring esteemed physician and CHERRY founder Dr. Moody Mustafa, with DJ Joe Gauthreaux (NYC) taking the decks to keep the party going. It's all you ever wanted, all you ever needed!

Cherry is an annual charity dance music event, which has raised more than $1 MILLION for Washington, DC HIV/AIDS services and prevention. Your continued support of Cherry contributes to the efforts of passionate health and social advocates at the forefront of the GLBT community. Copyright 2015, The Cherry Fund. Non-profit tax ID 52-2139599.